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Justice Lightning

Justice Lightning is a design created that instantly wow’d our audience, however not many know that this design was made after a setback happened with an alternative design. The sole purpose behind the decision to use Zeus on the design was because of how he was understood by myself. He was recognised as someone who was powerful, alert, knowledgeable and unpredictable so I used this perception and thought it would be the best way to represent it through the designs created. In relation to this, the inspiration to use Zeus also stemmed from my Greek background which is another reason as to why I believe the Justice Lighting design represents the brand strongly, our initial aim of the brand is to connect with our customers and create an impression of feeling our presence as well as understanding that our designs are distinctive and unpredictable hence why we decided to introduce the design in a unique new colour. The Justice Lightning Tee 2.0 is now available to purchase and you wouldn’t want to miss out.


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