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New In // Icarus Oversized Tee

Our first oversizes tee is here & it displays itself with an impeccable design. As you know Blessed Individual is known for storytelling designs. Icarus is a Greek Mythological story that tells a story about a father (Daedalus) & Son (Icarus) who were imprisoned which led to Daedalus making wings out of candle wax for both him and his son. The one instruction he had for his son was ‘Don’t fly to close to the sun or too close to the sea’ however Icarus did not listen and flew close to the sun which led to his wings melting. Everyone has heard the saying ‘If you can’t hear, then you must feel’ this was one of them situations as Icarus’ risky & ambitious behaviour lead to some serious consequences. The oversized tee which displays the Icarus design is now available and you would not wanna miss out!



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